How To Add Volunteer Experience to LinkedInHow To Add Volunteer Experience to LinkedIn

In today’s competitive job market, a well-crafted LinkedIn profile goes beyond listing your professional experiences. It’s an opportunity to paint a complete picture of who you are as a professional, showcasing not only your paid work but also your volunteer experiences. Volunteer work adds depth and character to your profile, demonstrating skills, values, and a commitment to giving back.

LinkedIn is all about sticking out so that anyone viewing your profile will have every incentive to contact and hire you. There is a lot of competition among job searchers on LinkedIn, and including the volunteer experience part can help you stand out.

How To Add Volunteer Experience to LinkedIn
How To Add Volunteer Experience to LinkedIn

In this article, we will explore the significance of incorporating volunteer experiences into your LinkedIn profile and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to do it effectively.

Should I Add Volunteer Experience to LinkedIn?

No one will condemn you if you do not include a volunteer experience area. However, according to a LinkedIn survey, the majority of managers and recruiters hire volunteers.

Your LinkedIn profile functions as your resume. If you’re looking for new chances on LinkedIn, make sure your LinkedIn profile stands out and can fight for you when a recruiter is reviewing other profiles to pick who to hire.

Furthermore, volunteering is one opportunity to demonstrate your other skills. It emphasizes your leadership abilities, teamwork, responsibility, and self-motivation.

The finest thing is that a manager or employer can see you’re dedicated even if no money is involved. As a result, it guarantees them that you will be able to devote to your work when employed and that you are not motivated solely by income.

So, do you have any community service experience or a history of volunteering to help someone, whether it is related to your field or not? Yes? Then you should add that to your LinkedIn profile.

How To Add Volunteer Experience to LinkedIn

Adding a volunteering experience section is the same as adding any other section on your LinkedIn, and you can achieve that using your LinkedIn mobile app or desktop version.

Using LinkedIn Mobile App

The steps below accommodate Android and iOS:

  1. Open the LinkedIn app.
  2. Tap on your Linked profile picture at the top.
  3. Click the “View profile” option.
  4. Tap the “Add Section” on the next screen.
  5. Under “Add to profile”, click on “Additional”.
  6. Click on the “Add volunteer experience” button.
  7. Fill in the required details in the various fields, including the cause and date.
  8. Once you are done, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the window.

That’s all. When someone views your LinkedIn profile, your volunteer experience will now be visible.

Using LinkedIn Desktop Version

  1. Open LinkedIn on the desktop app or via a browser.
  2. Tap the Me icon at the top below your profile picture.
  3. Click the “View Profile” button.
  4. Tap the “Add profile section” button.
  5. Tap on the “Additional” section.
  6. Select the “Add volunteer experience” option.
  7. Add the required details in the given fields.
  8. Finally, click the “Save” button to update your LinkedIn profile with the new section.

Tips on Adding Volunteer Experience to LinkedIn

1. Why Volunteer Experience Matters on LinkedIn

As the professional landscape continues to evolve, employers and recruiters seek candidates who possess more than just technical skills. They are interested in individuals who are well-rounded, adaptable, and aligned with the values of the organization. This is where volunteer experience comes into play. Volunteer work not only demonstrates your ability to contribute positively to your community but also showcases qualities such as empathy, leadership, and a sense of responsibility.

When potential employers see that you have dedicated your time and skills to causes you care about, it can set you apart from other candidates. Volunteer experiences show that you are proactive, compassionate, and willing to go the extra mile. Furthermore, organizations increasingly value employees who can bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the table, making your volunteer endeavors even more valuable in a professional setting.

2. Identifying Relevant Volunteer Experience

While any volunteer work is commendable, strategically selecting experiences that align with your career goals or industry can amplify the impact on your LinkedIn profile. Consider the skills and qualities that are essential for the roles you are targeting. Are you aiming for a leadership position? Look for opportunities that allow you to manage teams or projects. If your desired role involves client interaction, seek volunteer roles that require strong communication skills.

Moreover, volunteer experiences can span a wide spectrum, from traditional community service to skill-based volunteering. Traditional community service might include roles at local shelters, food banks, or fundraisers. On the other hand, skill-based volunteering involves leveraging your professional expertise for a cause, such as offering marketing services to a nonprofit organization. Both types of experiences offer unique advantages for your LinkedIn profile.

3. Gathering Details and Documentation

Before adding volunteer experiences to your LinkedIn profile, gather all the relevant details. These include the names of the organizations, dates of involvement, and specific responsibilities. Remember to quantify your impact whenever possible. Did you help raise a certain amount of funds? Did your efforts contribute to a specific number of people served? Concrete numbers provide tangible evidence of your contributions.

Additionally, if possible, obtain references or recommendations from supervisors or colleagues you worked with during your volunteer experiences. Recommendations can add credibility to your profile and provide potential employers with insights into your character and work ethic.

4. Adding Volunteer Experience to Your LinkedIn Profile

Adding volunteer roles to your LinkedIn profile is straightforward. In the “Experience” section, click on the “+ Add position” button. As you enter the organization name, you’ll have the option to indicate whether the role was a volunteer position. This distinction is crucial for transparency and clarity. Fill in the details, including the title, dates, location, and description of your role.

5. Crafting Compelling Descriptions

When writing descriptions for your volunteer roles, treat them as you would any paid position. Begin with an action verb that highlights your role and responsibility, such as “Coordinated,” “Led,” or “Collaborated.” Provide a concise overview of your tasks and responsibilities, focusing on those that are most relevant to your career goals. If you organized events, managed teams, or developed campaigns, describe the scope of your work and the outcomes achieved.

Remember, storytelling can be a powerful tool. Share anecdotes that demonstrate how your volunteer experiences have shaped your personal and professional growth. For instance, if you volunteered for a mentorship program, discuss how mentoring others enhanced your leadership skills and ability to guide others toward success.

6. Showcasing Transferable Skills

Volunteer experiences are rich sources of transferable skills that can enhance your professional identity. Skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and project management are often honed through volunteer work. In your descriptions, explicitly link the skills you gained or strengthened during your volunteer experiences to the requirements of your target roles. This demonstrates your ability to apply these skills in a professional context.

7. Highlighting Personal Values and Passions

Your volunteer experiences can offer insights into your personal values and passions, giving potential employers a deeper understanding of your motivations. Organizations increasingly seek employees whose values align with their company culture. If you volunteered for causes related to sustainability, diversity, or social justice, it signals your commitment to making a positive impact beyond the workplace.

8. Utilizing Media and Visuals

Visuals can provide a more comprehensive view of your volunteer experiences. Include photos, videos, or presentations that showcase your involvement. For example, if you volunteered at a community cleanup event, share images of you actively participating. If you delivered a presentation at a workshop, consider attaching the presentation materials to demonstrate your public speaking skills.

9. Updating Your Skills and Endorsements

Incorporate the skills you gained from your volunteer experiences into your LinkedIn profile’s “Skills” section. This reinforces the transferable nature of these skills and enhances your profile’s searchability. Encourage colleagues, supervisors, or fellow volunteers to endorse these skills. Endorsements from individuals who have witnessed your abilities in action provide social validation and credibility.

10. Networking and Engagement

Your volunteer experiences can serve as excellent conversation starters when engaging with your LinkedIn network. Share stories, insights, or lessons you learned through your volunteer roles. This opens the door for meaningful discussions and connections with professionals who share similar interests or causes.


Adding volunteer experience to your LinkedIn profile is not only a strategic move but also a reflection of your character and values. By weaving your volunteer work into your professional narrative, you present a more holistic version of yourself to potential employers, colleagues, and connections. So, seize the opportunity to make your LinkedIn profile truly stand out by showcasing the diverse range of skills, experiences, and values you’ve gained through your volunteer endeavors. Start enhancing your professional identity today and let your volunteer experiences shine on LinkedIn.


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